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What are your favorite roads to ride? This page is dedicated to helping people find new places to ride and to break the routine of the daily commute. If you wish to share your favorite riding spot, just email us at customerservice@cycleoutfitters.com.


Highway 44 from Franklin to Martinsville has become a popular place for sport bike riders to visit in Indiana. This section of highway is full of different styles of corners from long sweeping corners, decreasing radius corners, to switch backs. If you're looking for a nice little strip of road to hit a few corners, Highway 44 should be marked on your map.

The best ride Jimi has found in Indiana is as follows:
Starting at Nashville, go south on IN-135 to Salem. East on IN-160 to Henryville. Next, this is the best part, follow US-31 north to Scottsburg. East on IN-56 to Madison. North on IN-7 to Columbus. Lastly, west on IN-46 back to Nashville. This ride is about 170 miles and takes four to six hours depending on riding skill and sight seeing.

Kevin writes:
I've only been touring for about 3 years and my favorite roads so far are 129 south of Knoxville, TN, (Tail of the Dragon), Sand Creek Road/135 from Franklin to Story, IN, and German Corner off of IN 250, near Vevay. Be back with a report from West VA in June.

Emailed on 3/26/09:
Williams Dam Road. This is SR450, it travels west and south down to Shoals. It begins in Bedford just west of 37 and goes south to Shoals. It is a great road with banked corners and good pavement. It is rarely traveled and VERY fun! South of Williams Dam the elevation changes often...watch for small and large dips that will make you find yourself airborne on the other side! I have met many sport riders from other states that ride this road often. How to get there:

  • Go down 38 to Bedford
  • Turn west at the Army Surplus
  • Go west for about 100 yards and turn south on SR450


If you're looking for some place with a little less asphalt and more dirt and mud, then Haspin or the Badlands are the places to be. Both are located about and hour and a half from Indianapolis and are full of diverse riding. Whether you like the trails or the track, both locations have it.

Badlands has a great variety of trails; from sand to mud, you can enjoy it all. Well maintained Badlands offers a fun safe environment to enjoy a day of riding

Haspin, while not as well maintained as the Badlands, still offers a great system of trails, a drag strip, and a motocross style track.